One Night in Paris

One night in Paris. Years and years ago, we visited Paris just for three days. When I woke up the first morning in Paris, it was not me what I saw in the mirror. My allergies!!!

paris .jpg

I couldn’t find a chance to look around, or sketch at all. Wish I would be able to see Paris again soon:))


One day at my studio, we decided to make a stop motion using the Ipad. We had a lot of fun when we were shooting frame by frame this little character! Hope you enjoy it : )


Daily Doodle #4

Dance and Rest

This illustration came out when I was animating a dance scene. I gave a break, did this sketch and painted it in Photoshop. Taking a break often increases the productivity. I definitely going to improve this illustration soon.



Death by Woody Allen


New illustrations for my friend Aslı Eti’s article about Allen’s play Death at It’s from his best seller book Without Feathers, a collection of essays and two one act play. “Hope is the thing with feathers.” Emily Dickinson

Daily Doodle #3

The bridge drawing was so naughty. It was moving around, wasn’t stable at all. The story artist made a last move, and draw a valley both sides of the bridge. Now the bridge was trapped!!!image

I am storyboarding my own project and when work for too long I start noticing faces in things, as many people do. I see them in switches, pipes, cracks on the walls, and windows. Sometimes I even see them in my drawings. When I finished this bridge drawing, I saw that scared, screaming face on it 🙂

I used Photoshop and my Wacom Cintiq tablet when working on this drawing.